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How can I view my photo?
Most of our events are password-protected. If you did not get your password during your event, please contact us at (845) 662-2582 or email at info@iflickphotobooth. Once you have your password, simply type it in the password section of your chosen event and once password is correct, you should see “CLICK TO DOWNLOAD GALLERY!” below the cover photo.
Why can’t I download the file folder for my event?
In order to view/download the photos, you should use a desktop or laptop computer. Cellphones, iPad and the likes won’t work as the files are too large for these devices.
Can I re-print my photo?
Yes. Please email us and request for your original file so you can re-print as you wish. There is no charge to request for your original file.

What is iFlick Photo Booth?
iFlick Photo Booth is a compact, portable, digital photo booth – redesigned to fit the modern, digital world. It’s definitely not your typical photo booth! What’s cool about our booth? Instead of cramping up inside a traditional photo booth where only two people can fit comfortably, our “open booth” concept allows more guests to strike a pose – from serious to all the way hilarity! Our photo kiosk/tower has a built-in, interactive touch screen technology and a live view mode that allows guests to view themselves as they pose. iFlick photo booth will not only provide your guests with a unique and fun entertainment but they also get to keep a copy of their photos – that’s an instant souvenir!
Imagine your guests walking into your party venue – all they have to do is strike a pose, have fun, then take home a souvenir photo from your party. It’s a sure hit, everybody will rave about your party!

How does the photo booth operate?
Your guests will stand in front of the photo kiosk/tower and a countdown will appear on our digital, touch screen to prompt your guests when to strike a pose. The kiosk then takes 4 shots per session, spaced few seconds apart to give guests time to wear our fun props or simply strike a fun pose. Our photo booth has a “live view” mode which means you can see yourself on the screen while you pose. Once the four shots are done, guests can then view their photos on the screen and have them printed on a customized layout unique to your event. Included in our standard package is unlimited sessions so your guests can come back for more photos, as long as they’re having fun!

Why choose iFlick Photo Booth for my special event?
We have researched other photo booths and found out that they are either priced too high or have poor quality or both. We then created the iFlick Advantage – we simplified everything and designed a standard package that is “all inclusive” without compromising quality. We are the only photo booth with a unique and pretty much “everything customized” layout that other photo booths don’t offer.

How affordable is your “all inclusive” photo booth package?
We are confident that we have the best photo print quality and we offer a very affordable package compared to other photo booths. Our “all inclusive” pricing varies for each branch so check your local branch for any current promotional pricing. To view current pricing, please click “Book Now” from our Home Page and you will see pricing as well as discounts we may be able to offer.
COLORED 4×6 prints
UNLIMITED photo sessions
UNLIMITED event details on print
“EVERYTHING” Customized layout
Choice of backdrop color
Lots of fun props
Set up & dismantle of Photo booth
On site staff / technician
Instant USB flash drive copy of all photos taken
Photo gallery on our website (6 months)
Card stock photo holder for each print
FREE Delivery within specified radius (please check with your local branch)

How do I get a discount code?
Click on “Book Now” on the Home Page, then go to your local branch to see if we currently have promotional offers. If you don’t see any applicable discounts, call us to see if you qualify for one. We want everybody to afford our FUN photo booth :)

How do I book my event?
Simply click on “Book Now” on the Home page and you can start your secured online reservation. Check off the box that fits your needs and submit your reservation online. Once we receive your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation and we will contact you ASAP. If you cannot book online, you can also call or email us at your chosen branch. For details on how to reach us, please click “Contact Us” on the Home Page.

Is there a refund in case I cancel my reservation?
We cannot issue a refund on deposit made prior to event date however, we can credit your payment towards a future event within one year from your original date, depending upon the availability of our schedule.

Can I re-schedule my original event date?
Yes. Please call us at least 4 weeks from your original date. We will allow re-scheduling as long as the date is available in our calendar.