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iFlick Service Agreement

This agreement is made on the date of this form completion between iFlick Photo Booth (here-in known as iFlick) and Client (name listed in Reservation Form).

iFlick agrees to provide to the Client and the Client agrees to contract from iFlick the following service: photo booth delivery/setup/takedown, unlimited photo sessions on agreed service hours .

Reservation fee is due upon signing/clicking agree button of this contract and payable through check, to iFlick Photo Booth. This is a non-refundable, but is transferable with iFlick having full discretion of acceptance of a new date, within one year from original date and depending on photo booth availability and execution of a new contract.

Balance is due on or before the day of the contracted event. iFlick will impose a 15% annual interest rate, accrued daily, added to the final balance if not paid at the conclusion of the event or agreed date.

Accessibility for the Photo booth delivery will be available at least 60 minutes before the event. There are no obstacles that will make delivery and setup of Photo booth unachievable. Client will provide a covered area not smaller than 10 x 10 feet and standard 110v electrical outlet(s) for each photo booth operation.

Client will provide a meal for up to two photo booth attendants.

iFlick will not be liable for any disruption of service, injury, loss, or damage that may arise from improper conduct of client and/or guests endangering the safety of our photo booth equipment and technician.

iFlick reserves the right to terminate the photo booth service in the event of improper conduct of client and/or guests that can endanger the safety of our photo booth equipment, technician and other guests.

iFlick agrees to have the photo booth fully operational for a minimum of 80% during the period specified below; occasionally, operations may need to be interrupted for service and/or photography optimizations.

Should iFlick fail to provide a fully operational photo booth during the above agreed times, the client’s only remedy is a full refund of all money paid. iFlick takes the utmost care with respect to equipment reliability, exposure, development, storage and delivery of photographs and will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the client.

If the photo booth has technical difficulties and is unable to function for a few minutes during the contracted time, the amount of down time will be added to the end of the contracted time period to insure the client receives the full benefit of their contracted time.

If by unforeseen circumstances the photo booth has technical difficulties and is unable to be repaired or replaced at the event, the client will receive a pro-rated refund for the unused time.

In the event that photo booth has to cancel on an agreed upon date due to unforeseen circumstances, client will get a full refund of any payment made.

iFlick may use your personal photo booth photos (excluding the guest’s photos) for marketing purposes in print and online. iFlick will notify client if their photo is published for marketing purposes.

All parties to this contract hereby agree that said refunds shall terminate any further liability to this agreement and that the amount of liability cannot exceed the amount of this Contract.